Brian Sandilands (aka Mr. McGinny) was born and raised in Northern New Jersey. Since 2008, he has curated and organized alternative art and music events across the state. In 2010 he graduated from Rutgers, New Brunswick, with a BA in Art and History. Sandilands lends his services to The Botto House, The American Labor Museum where he portrayed Carlo Tresca for the 100 year anniversary of the Paterson Silk Strike.

In 2013 he participated in the Ricardo Galleni Memorial Grant Workshop, an international residency sponsored by Autodesk, The Digital Stone Project and Garfagnana Innovazione. His first and second solo exhibitions, The 3D Printed Gun Show and Monuments to Compromise, were held at William Paterson University of NJ where he received his MFA. He has worked 3D scanning the Gaetano Federici collection at Paterson, NJ area museums. Sandilands has exhibited in New York City, New Jersey, and Italy.

The mask of Mr. McGinny comes on when Sandilands is En Vivo, when performance is activated, when his art is simultaneously at its most savage and cerebral.